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 Our direct phone line begins with 316-263-6422 dail the extention to find your party please check the list below.


President                                       Alan Lieber 221
Vice Pres. Gerald Dargel 222
Operations Manager Paul McPhillips 239

Phone Sales    
Manager Jessica W. 243
 Assistant Mgr Manny V. 245
Supervisor Marcia A. 232
Sales Rep.  Laconda S. 233
Sales Rep. Jim B 236
Sales Rep. Jessica W. 237
Sales Rep.  Cris H. 234
Sales Rep. Jim B. 236
Sales Rep.

Sales Rep.

Sales Rep.

Sales Rep.


Main Counter Manager Rodney S. 327
Sales Rep. David L. 393
Sales Rep.
Sales Rep. Phill W. 384
Sales Rep. Cecil R. 394
Sales Rep. Landon B. 391
Sales Rep.  
Sales Rep. Gabe G
South Counter
HVAC Mgr              Richard S.              380 
Shopper Janet P. 231
Sales Rep.

Sales Rep. Daryl P. 281
Sales Rep. Darrel G 339

ManagerCommercial Laundry               
White Goods / PTACs                            
Kenny L.                383
Steve W. 330

Accounting      Accounts Payable  Beth L.        251 
Credit Manager Nora Y.     248
Accounts Receivable      Katie L.  250

Jim R.   253
Ginger D. 252
Mike H 256

North Office                            Francy C. 270
Ashley K. 272
Deanna R.     271


Shipping                                                 John B.            388

Receiving                                      Bobby D. 395

Warehouse         Manager   Dan W            325
Supervisor                             Trevor K    386

Stock                             Manager                                           

Warranty               Manager                              Wes D.               263

Web Master                                             Paul McPhillips         239